FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS: All you need to know

An All-Encompassing Post on Football Predictions

This is a list of the basic things you should know before venturing into football predictions and betting.

Over the years, I have met countless punters striving so hard to make good cash from sports betting. A few succeeding, and a lot falling short of their expectations.

You may call it ‘Luck’. But let’s face the sad truth. If we all decide to wait for luck, many of us would be waiting a very long time. So what then can we do? How can we make accurate football predictions without relying on mere luck alone?

Let’s cut to the chase. Everyone needs some bit of luck, but what’s most important is the level of work and effort we put into our predictions.

This post would attempt, as much as possible, to hint you on all you need to know about football predictions, how best to stake, the level of work and seriousness required to achieve good results, and more.

Are you ready? Let’s shoot!


When it comes to sports betting and football betting, in particular, winning big would require at least one of these two things:

1. Staking very low and accumulating a large junk of researched games to raise the odds, or

2. Staking high on well-researched games with small odds and few matches.

This is usually where the battle lies. Often times, we get tempted with thoughts of adding more games to raise the odds or staking higher to increase our potential winnings, forgetting the fact that once you’ve staked, you’ve staked. No turning back! Even if the cash-out option is highlighted on your screen, it would surely incur some losses.

So be prepared for the handwork involved in winning cash from football predictions and betting.


Punters worldwide always seek for fixed matches which always, and are willing to pay any amount of money for such factoid fixtures, which most likely leads to scammers offering fabricated fixed matches and extorting exorbitant amount of money from desperate punters and bettors.


Fixed matches are matches with premeditated and completely or partially predetermined results.

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In organized sports, match fixing occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law. Match-fixing, when motivated by gambling, requires contacts (and normally money transfers) between gamblers, players, team officials, and/or referees.

As a result of its promise of giving an actual and accurate result and a return of investment when staked on, punters are usually advised to stake very high, and this is where the fraudsters come in.

Be wary of fixed matches, it is illegal and most times a scam to make the spammers gain massively and make you lose terribly.


This is one of the best ways to guarantee accuracy in your predictions. Although it requires extensive research over time, it’s surely one good lane to drive on. For instance, Barcelona would always score more than two goals and up to four goals in their matches, and Real Madrid has the same track record of goal scoring with Barcelona in LaLiga. An over 2.5 prediction already inclines to a 95% accuracy of possibility.

A well-researched league and team style of play, and the final results of their games over time is a good way of aiming an accurate football prediction in all categories.
Also, the fact that Real Madrid concedes goals irrespective of their goal scoring potentials, should not be ignored. This could be used in combo predictions.


The euphoria of winning can be so intoxicating that bettors tend to stake their entire life savings in promising expectations of a quadruple return. Expecting good returns on your cash is very good in its own sense, but that should never be done on a money you know, you can’t afford to lose.
Stake low for a start, when you win, you’ll be glad, if you lose, nothing gets damaged and hurt.

Build your prediction and analytic skills over time as you build confidence. Don’t be fooled by high odds that you see given to a team that is most likely to win, then stake all you have on it. The bookies are not fools, they are experts analysts and know to their best understandings why the odds are that way.

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Be guided and play according to your books and findings, and stake only on games you can guarantee at least 90% of the selected outcome.

Never throw all your money into one game no matter how sure it looks.


This can be very mentally and emotionally draining. Some people are of the opinion of placing your bets and going to sleep to wake up once the games are over. This on its own, it’s not a terrible idea. Many people don’t have the lion heart to face daunting challenges, and pressures.

But the advantages of keeping a close eye on the games and your online bet slip is profitable. How?

Depending on the time fixtures of the matches selected, you could be lucky enough to cash out some of your winnings once the option comes available, and you feel you wouldn’t want to take any further risks of losing the entire bet.

This is a profitable advantage seeing that you have made the profit from the money you staked, though not as much as the potential winning, but its worth it, because it only takes one minute of mistake from one team to lose an entire bet.

So why not cash out while you can. Make profit from the previously staked games and bet again if you choose to.


This last hint is a very vital one. There are lots of reliable vendors of football predictions out there.  Visit their sites to be sure your predictions are on par with theirs. And if you don’t know how to go around football predictions, and how to analyze games, you’re not still left out.

These sites offer categories of football predictions for punters. But you might need to subscribe to get the best of their services. offers the best premium prediction services for punters and also overs a good amount of free predictions on daily basis for our regular visitors.

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