THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting

A comprehensive betting guide for punters and sports bettors worldwide aspiring to grow a sustainable income in sports betting.

Sports betting has increasingly become a highly demanding, and engaging practice in virtually every part of the world, especially in countries where gambling is legal.

Punters and bettors strive tirelessly, day-in-day-out to make a headway in sports prediction and betting, with an endless pursuit of a long fetched win or victory. Making money is the sole purpose of sports betting, but the effects of losses could insidiously breed greed, rage, vengeance, and a tendency to chase one’s losses which would eventually lead to making poor decisions while betting, and in turn, incur more losses.

How to make money through sports betting
Man aggressive after losing is bets

So how then Can we make money in sports betting?

Have you ever tried multiplying your money by saving it in the bank? I’m sure by now, you’d have realized how slow that would be. Doing a fixed deposit saving isn’t also so fast. So which method is fast? How can I multiply my money faster?

This questions would arise over and over again like a boisterous tsunami in the ocean of your mind. “Sports Betting!”. Yes, this would come quickly to our minds. But be careful!

As quickly as sports betting can multiply and fetch you cash, it can swiftly turn the tables of your account from a million to nothing in the twinkle of an eye without proper guidance.

Making money in sports betting can be accomplished by applying the right principles when betting.

The first step is to have a working plan.

These principles and guidance would lead you to a path making a sustainable and steady income as a sports bettor.

1.) Start small.

Many punters have the tendency of not starting small. The multiplying effect the odds gives to a doubling or tripling money staked allures them into throwing a large sum and even lager, to win more. This can be advisable in some cases but should be done with precaution and also experience in sports betting, which comes over time.

THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting
Start small and build to the top steadily

Starting small doesn’t only apply to the amount staked, but also to the number of games accumulated. This would help in the long run to determine and learn your betting tactics and strategies, which leagues and teams flow well with your bet and prediction tactics, and would also minimize your losses during this period.

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2.) Never stake what you cannot afford to lose.

As much as a certain match may seem to be a “sure match”, in football, anything can happen. Stake according to what you know wouldn’t hurt if the tides turn around. We would always advise our subscribers and visitors to bet cautiously. Never bet above what you can’t afford to lose. This is an applicable law in financial risk management.

Never stake what you cannot afford to lose
Man depressed due to betting loss

The effect of losing if not controlled could be detrimental. Depression, heart attacks, anxiety, and elevated aggression are some of the few things you don’t want to experience if you stake above your means.

3.) It is not all about the Odds.

We have witnessed games with the home team odds slated as 1.75 and the away team as 4.65, with the away team finally winning the game with two-goal difference without red cards in that very match. What happened? Where the bookmakers wrong in the odds? No! They were right.

The odds are calculated and given by sports bookies after an in-depth mathematical calculation of probabilistic outcomes using past games played by both teams head to head, and with other teams, as raw data and basis of calculation.

THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the games would go according to the stated odds of who would win or lose. Making your own little research, and using the stated odds as a guide can do you better good than harm. Knowing which team would win the match, or score the greater amount of goal, or no goals at all depend greatly on a lot of parameters like the history of how both teams play home and away matches against each other, current form home and away, current standing etc.

4.) Your job is not to predict who wins a match; your job is to find the best possible outcome in each match.

A common mistake punters sometimes make is trying to figure out who would win every match. That is not bad on its own. But we need to remind ourselves of the fact that we are here to make money, and our money is at a high risk of getting lost.


THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting

So a constant reminder of these facts should preempt our betting decision and mentality about trying to figure out who will win, or lose a game to other outcomes and possibilities that are even more profitable, less tasking, and less risky.

Though the odds, given for home win, away win or draw are always high, so are the risks. Other betting categories and options with a more likelihood of possibility with amazingly moderate odds are presently available. Examples are, over 1.5 goals,  over/under 1.5 first half, over /under 2.5 goals, Both team scoring,  Handicaps and more.

5.) Filter Filter Filter

You may very well have a bulk of games you’ve predicted and jotted down. Say 20 to 30 games perhaps more. But it’s also very advisable not to stake on them all. Filter them!

THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting

Filtering your game simply means you carefully sort out which games have the best possibilities of occurrence based on your predictions. You stand a higher chance of winning when you stake on only your carefully filtered and sorted games, especially when they are not more than five.

6.) Don’t be a loner, compare your predictions with others

Though working alone sometimes has its benefits and rewards, but the saying that “two heads are better than one” holds firmly in this regard. Compare your predictions with a renowned predictor or someone who is very good at it.

THE PUNTERS GUIDE | How To Make Money Through Sports Betting

Thankfully, there are lots of websites out there that offer sports predictions. You can poch on any, find the games you predicted, and compare and contrast to see the similarities.

This would help you build your prediction accuracy, and also give you a pointer to better options per game,  that you might have overlooked.



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